Fairy Doors of the World



saltspring Island

In saltspring Island,Canada, Mount Erskine has the legend that fairies live there. Seven fairy doors are hidden around there. We can start a beautiful trail while searching for small fantasies.




Michigan State, USA, has a sister state relationship with Shiga Prefecture, and some cities have their own sistercities. Ann Arbor, which is a companion with Hikone City, has many fairy doors; they seem to have moved from a nearby forest. Seven doors in the downtown are very famous, a lot of tourists gather there to meet fairies from all over the world. Also the fairy festival is held there.




Marquette is a sistercity with HigashiOmi. I found a small door at Nico’s cabin on the outskirts of Marquette. Nico is a carpenter, woodcarver and sailboatcarpenter. He says a necklace belonging to a friend’s wife was lost when they came to help build the cabin. They looked around the forest, but couldn’t find it. They deduced it was the fairy’s work.