January.2015 now

The Fairy Door MAP in Higashi-Oumi City, Shiga, Japan

This is the Fairy Door's Map in Higashi-Oumi City, Shiga, Japan.
Let's go to look for "The Fairy Doors" !!

Shop or Gallery where You can find Fairy Doors.

Libraries and Parks where You can enjoy lookig for Fairy Doors.

It is not allowed places to enter and to look freely.

  Gallery Fabrica-mura
        stone oven type bread "Thumugi"
  Japanese tea shop"Masukichi"
      Nanohana hall
        ‎Atelier Yokaichi
Wood work studio"TOMO"
    Organic and Local Restaurant "Nonaka" Pottery studio"Happu-you"
              Heir AMES